Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Ducks and Daffodils (and a couple of chicks, too!)

We moved the four oldest chicks and the six ducklings out to the Taj Mah Coop over the weekend. I let them out for a little "exploration free ranging" yesterday afternoon. The older chickens and ducks really aren't at all interested in them, other than to raid the feeder. We have a small tub for them to bathe in, and one chick jumped right in with the ducks (identity crisis?). Here's some photos from their adventures.

Taking a drink out of the tub (this is after they jumped in it, of course!)

Exploring and checking out the area

Trying to get organized for their photo shoot

Leaving the shoot...

Being so cute makes us thirsty again!

Have a ducky day!
:o) jenn

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